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My Story - And So, Cardinal and The Dog Was Born…

The Answer to My Next Chapter

There comes a point in every mother’s life when their children appear to no longer need them. I devoted my young adult life to making sure that my children had a wonderful and loving home, dinner on the table and conversation about the day, and a bandaid always waiting for a scraped knee. Yet, suddenly I found myself wondering “who am I?” Sure, I was a mom - always will be - but I felt that it was time that I found what inspired me.

I decided to inspire future generations by holding fast to the nostalgia of a simpler time when days weren’t so harried, lives weren’t filled with screen time, and conversations were something that you had in person, not via a mobile device. Cardinal and the Dog was my answer to where I would channel the next chapter of my life.

The Answer to My Next Chapter line-ppatren

My Mother Lives on Through the Cardinal's Wild Spirit

My mother enriched my life, made me who I am, and I not only admire her, I miss her every day. When she passed from cancer, I looked for a way to hold her memory dear to my heart and make her come alive in spirit. There is an old saying that when people leave, they come back to visit as cardinals. Very soon after our loss, cardinals began to show up in droves in my backyard, making a special point to sit at the window, reminding me that I would never be alone. It was my mother's way of telling me that she was watching over me, caring and supporting all that I do.


When we moved to a new home, I was fearful that one particular cardinal who used to greet me regularly would not find us and would be lost forever. Soon upon settling in, that cardinal was back - the same cardinal that inserted itself into my day to let me know my mother was never out of reach - Hence, Cardinal.

And The Dog

That is because my children have settled into their college lives, but my home space is full with my fur baby (well, and my loving husband) - Hence, the Dog. The pair made a perfect name for my new venture, my new life, and my attempt to tie in the new with the wonder of nostalgia.

Cherished Mementos for Those You Cherish