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Cardinal & The Dog - How the Seed Got Planted...

About Cardinal & The Dog

One thing that might be missing in an age of social media and Facebook “friends” is the true connections that we form with the people that we love most. When I look for gifts, I want to find something that will evoke emotion, let the person know how much they mean to me, and have it mean something to them.

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Nowadays, that is becoming rarer. For a long time, I longed for the simplicity and tradition of local boutiques that I frequented in Boston and Charleston, and wished that there was something close by where I could peruse through unique gifts and find the diamond in the rough that would strike the heart of its recipient in just the right way.

As a mother, I think about all the times that I shared with my grandparents and parents, reading through the pages of classic and timeless books, sharing Little Women, or hours spent with the Richard Scarry books. Those kinds of moments are hard to share reading from a Kindle or iPad - it just doesn’t feel the same. I want our children and our children’s children to forge those deep and lasting memories that are so essential and that we cherish for a lifetime.