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Five Reasons to Scare Your Loved Ones with These Halloween Treats

As we head into fall, it is hard to believe that the summer is behind us and even more difficult to accept that the holidays will soon be here. The good news is that there is a renewed spirit in our hearts as we head back to the opposite of social distancing - socializing! We’ve missed out on two years' worth of occasions to celebrate, so now is the time. If you ever needed a reason to spoil the people you love, here are just a few unique gift ideas!

Togetherness Time

We all know that we can’t make up for the time lost, but we can ramp up our efforts to create new memories and make an impression upon people’s hearts. One of the hardest parts of the pandemic was not being able to see the little ones in our lives. They grow so fast! Offer to babysit and spend time building our Create Your Own Haunted House or Jack O’ Lantern Decorating kit. There is no substitute for one-on-one time, and their parents will get a reprieve too - two gifts in one!

A Note Says It All

Sending a birthday card, wedding card - well, really any card, used to be the status quo. I get it: sending an e-card is incredibly convenient, but just like reading on a Kindle, it just doesn’t have the same effect. Bring back the lost art of snail-mailing a handwritten card to let the people you love know you are thinking about them. There is nothing digital about our The Lost Art of Stationery Pumpkin, Candy Corn, or I’m Thankful I Am Not a Turkey. Running to the mailbox to find more than just a series of bills will brighten the days of friends and family alike!

A Return to Decorating

Over the past couple of years, we have all become resigned to wearing sweatpants as our daily uniform and being okay without outsiders. At a certain point, we all shrugged our shoulders and thought, “Why bother decorating? Who’s going to see it?” The good news is that we’re bringing decorating back. Go ahead and light up your porch with orange and black lights for trick-or-treaters to delight in and deck your kitchen walls with our Halloween and fall dish towels. It is so exciting to once again feel the anticipation and excitement of being able to entertain and gather together!

Hand Down Lost Skills

Remember a time when you wanted something and your mom said “I can make that at home” - and she did? Nearly gone are the days of handing down true crafting skills to the younger generation, but they shouldn’t be. Learning to sew and needlepoint are true talents that not only build fine motor skills; they spark creativity. Our Mini Cross Stitch Kits are the perfect way to introduce needlepoint to the little one in your life.

Entertaining Spirit

Now that we are allowed to mingle, let’s mingle it up! Brighten and heighten Halloween, football season, and Thanksgiving with our many entertaining disposable serving items. From Autumn Bouquet Pumpkin plates to our Sweet ’N Spooky guest towels, this year is the year to really go all out. It isn’t just a celebration of the holidays. This year is a celebration in which we have all been made aware of how important loved ones and time with them are as we move into a new era of returning to cherished time. As we head into the Halloween, autumn, and Christmas seasons, now is the time to let everyone know how much you care about them. The good news is we are all free to mingle again, so mingle we shall! Whether you want to ramp up the time lost with the little ones you love with one-on-one activities or you want to delight and entertain the crowd, at Cardinal & the Dog, we have all that you need to bring sentiment back to your world. Shop our catalog for great ways to say “I love you” with unique gift ideas. Soon we will be opening our doors, and we can’t wait!