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Let’s Set the Thanksgiving Day Mood!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love everything about it. The family gathering, cooking up a delicious feast, football on the television, and my dog standing guard by the oven as the house fills with the smell of The Bird as it roasts. I love that there is an entire day dedicated to being thankful.

I have hosted Thanksgiving for many years. The day begins with The Bird (who lived a happy free-range life in California) coming out of the brining bag and into the oven. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on the television, but in the kitchen I have started playing my “Gobble Gobble” Spotify playlist. My guests begin to arrive. This day is all about food and togetherness, so shortly after arriving the eating begins. A charcuterie board is laid out with my “thankful” trivet and Grass Turkey looking on. The Mimosa bar has officially opened, complete with cocktail napkins selected for the occasion.

My kids are older now, so they enjoy being in the kitchen and family room with everyone. I sometimes miss the days when they and their cousins would run wild outside or play board games as they waited for dinner to be served. It is hard to convey how shockingly fast those younger years pass by. There is so much to be thankful for with every stage, and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying them in their college years.

There is something about cooking for my loved ones that I find very enjoyable.  On Thanksgiving, they will gather around the kitchen. We catch up with those we haven’t seen in months. The parade gives way to football as we prepare the meal. The menu consists of dishes that I learned to make from my mom, grandmother and aunts. They are the dishes that my kids want for the holidays, and nothing else will do.

The table is set with my turkey place card holders and a Fall garland. The turkeys have announced the day for about a decade now. Traditions are so important to me. These little details that go into the holiday are a big part of that. Votive candles will be lit before dinner is served, but they are standing ready. The sides are ready, The Bird has had its rest after roasting, and it’s time to carve. We sit together and express our gratitude and enjoy the feast.  

I would like to thank you all for supporting my small business this year. It means a lot to me and I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude. Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving from Tampa.