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How Our Gift Store Differs - Our Values

It is hard to believe that the holidays are behind us, and even harder to believe that we are already heading into March! Although statistics tell us that the average resolver gives up by the third week of January, we have faith in our customers. We are leading a campaign to bring thoughtfulness back in what we say, what we do, and the gifts that we give. We hope that you will resolve along with us to make it a very meaningful year. So how do we differ from other gift stores in Tampa, FL? These are just some of the ways.

We Do All of the Ordering

Cardinal and the Dog is not a chain or a conglomerate. It was started by me, someone who misses the day when a gift was something you gave because an item spoke to you, reminded you of someone, or was something that you knew would brighten someone’s day. Gifts were not guaranteed, they were not a must, and they were not about wrapping something up for the sake of “gift-giving.” We do all of our ordering - not due to overhead or what is catchy or trending. Don’t get me wrong: we have those things too, but I handpick everything in our store and on our website because it speaks to me and I know that it will speak to someone you love!

We Aren’t About Electronics and Gadgets

“Gadgets” used to mean tools that came in handy and made our lives more convenient. It didn’t necessarily mean that they had to be hard-wired or on the cusp of innovation. We aren’t into giving more screen time or electronic games that are meant to distract. Our gadgets are all designed to bring people back to life, not divert them from it by eliminating the need to be present. Gadgets are gadgets, not devices, at Cardinal and the Dog.

Tradition is Everything

Tradition is one of those words that we used to value because it meant that we were keeping those we loved and the rituals that included them with us. Now, tradition seems to be about doing the same thing or about an obligation to do something. We want to return to our definition of tradition, which is all the positive connotations that it had in our younger years. So much of the time spent with elders, family, and just general time shared with others has gone by the wayside. We want our little ones to not only know what tradition means, but to long for it as much as we did - and some of us still do!

Niceties are Still Nice

What happened to being “nice”? It seems like a very mundane and “vanilla” type of thing to be nice. Nice, however, means looking to do your best, get along and accept others, and do things to boost each other up instead of looking to tear others down. We believe that our gifts come with ”nice” behind them because they aren't for shock value, they might not cost a whole lot, and they might not wow and sensationalize the situation. But when you give one of our gifts, you warm someone’s heart and create a bond. That is what we believe is nice about our gifts and why they mean so much more than ordering from Amazon’s Favorites list.

As we head into a new year, Cardinal and the Dog are leading the charge to make 2023 the year we bring back thoughtfulness. When you shop our gift store in Tampa, FL, either via the internet or in person, what you will see are handpicked items that have no hidden anything - the thoughtfulness is right out in the open. Check out our online store for great gifts that people actually want today!